Placemaking in a Changing Climate | Architecture of Place | Transportation | Landscape Architecture |  Economic Development | Getting People Involved

Hudson Valley Resource Center - TrainingOur training program is designed to inspire, inform and empower professionals and active citizens alike, to create livable, vibrant, resilient and self-reliant communities that can thrive in a challenging world. Our programs are appropriate for everyone involved in sustainable community initiatives, from citizens to professionals. Continuing Education Units are available for architects, landscape architects and planners.

 Our signature program fosters livable, sustainable, cool and resilient communities through an integrated approach, Placemaking in a Changing Climate. Community design provides a portal into cooler, more flood-resistant, cities, towns and villages that support growing populations and thriving commerce while protecting natural systems. Placemaking in a Changing Climate covers the design of streets and transportation corridors, urban landscape, buildings and infrastructure, and economic revitalization strategies, with a special module on getting people involved.

Designing the places where we live and work, so that they are beautiful and welcoming to people and commerce alike - this simple idea is re-emerging to guide the revitalization of our marketplaces, waterfronts, bikeways, and neighborhood centers, in order to preserve and highlight local assets like historic buildings, urban gardens and waterfalls, or public art. Today, as climate change presses us to “re-localize” our lives and protect our local resources in the face of increasing stresses by weather and water, the art and science of placemaking are evolving to meet new needs. Landscape architecture is joining urban design and economic development to create strategies for cooling city centers; protecting and managing water resources; growing food, fiber, fuel and ornamental plants for local use; and making wise choices about the use and protection of flood-prone land.

This training program gives communities the tools for transformation by means of a community-centered approach that brings disciplinary expertise together around shared community visions. In an era when government can't solve all the problems, we help mobilize the expertise of the entire community.

Traditional - inputs to tell government what to do > Contemporary - Convene collaborators for planning and implementation

Traditional - citizens w/ day jobs, government w/ expertise > Contemporary - citizens w/ expertise work alongside government

We can customize these programs to emphasize issues of local interest and to develop locally-significant case material. We can also train and support you in the specific methods of planning and development that underlie placemaking in a changing climate, with referrals to the experts and agencies you need within the region and through our national network, Livability Solutions.