Essential Links

Resilience Resources

Bloomberg New Energy Finance_sustainable_energy_in_america_2013_factbook

Terrestrial Resilience 020112.pdf

Community Resilience

New York WWS Energy Policy

Ceres NAIC Climate Change_030713

Post Sandy Report Full

Goldilocks Had It Right: How to Build Resilient Societies in the 21st Century

Roach Hurricane Sandy and the Emperor’s New Clothes 2012 with Refs

Storm Smart Coastal Resilience Index

Hudson River Estuary Resilience Project

Estuary Resilience

NYS 2100 Commission

 5 Ways to Avoid Effects of another Hurricane Sandy

Sustainable NJ - Randall Solomon Presentation Resilience Conference 5-20-13

Oberlin - Anders Ferguson Presentation Resilience Conference 5-20-13

The Hudson Valley - Portraits and PlayersHudson Valley Resource Center - Essential Links

Center for Regional Research, Education and Outreach at SUNY New Paltz Discussion Briefs

Chronogram unique journal of arts and culture

Community Foundations of the Mid-Hudson Valley

Engage Mid-Hudson - Regional Plan Communications Platform 2012

Hudson River Valley Greenway

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

Many Voices, One Valley - A Look at Hudson Valley Residents’ Priorities for the Future (Dyson Foundation)

Mid-Hudson Valley Community Profiles (Dyson Foundation)

Centers for Education and Expertise in the Hudson Valley

Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation

Culinary Institute of America

Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities

Green Campus Resource Center (a project of the Environmental Consortium)

Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

Hudson Valley Renewable Energy Institute

Hudson Valley Center for Innovation

Hudsonia Limited

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Manitoga Russell Wright Design Center

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and Center for Sustainable Living

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

SUNY Clean Energy Technology Training Consortium

The Solar Energy Consortium


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

American Solar Energy Society

American Wind Energy Associate

Energy-Efficiency help for your home or workplace

Fort ZED zero net energy district

Harness the Hudson

International Ground-Source Heat Pump Association

Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Mid-Hudson Sustainable Energy Roadmap 2011

New York Energy Highway

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

Materials Management

Buy Recycled Alliance of New York

Global Green USA Coalition for Resource Recovery

Indigo Development

International Society for Industrial Ecology

New Paltz Zero Waste Initiative

NYSERDA’s Biomimicry Initiative

Waste to Wealth Project - Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Transportation and Mobility

Active Community Schools Workbook

Bike Maps Give Riders Info They Actually Need

Bicycle Master Plan Road Map

Cerreno, Allison, Ph.D. et al (2008), Integrated Transportation and Land Use: Facilitating Coordination Across and Among Jurisdictions, NYU Rudin Center. PDF

Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares (Congress for a New Urbanism et al)

Green LITES Program of NYS Department of Transportation for low-impact transportation infrastructure

Los Angeles County Model Design Manual for Living Streets

National Transit-Oriented Development Database


US Transportation Research Board, Second Strategic Highway Research Program

Walkable and Livable Communities Institute Guides

Welcome to the Righsizing Steet Guide

Built Environment

Affordable Comfort - resource for the building performance industry

American Institute of Architects, Architecture 2030 Challenge

Building Green portal on best practices and products

Das Haus traveling innovation exhibit

Enterprise Community Revitalization Practitioner Database

Living Building Challenge

U.S. Green Building Council Knowledge Exchange - Podcasts

Land and Water

American Society of Landscape Architects (2011) “ASLA Releases More than 475 Green Infrastructure Case Studies,” The Dirt.

American Society of Landscape Architects “Stormwater Case Studies by State”475 Green Infrastructure Case Studies, categorized by state, website

American Society of Landscape Architects “Professional Practice Green Infrastructure Resources”

Center for Watershed Protection

Gaining Ground Information Database on Land Use Law and Tools from Pace Land Use Law Center

Hudson River Watershed Alliance

Hudson River Watertrail Association

Hudson Valley Blue Economy blog

Hudson River Research Reserve, Sustainable Shorelines Project

Land Trust Alliance

Project for Public Spaces, go-to organization on “Placemaking”

Scenic Hudson (2010), Revitalizing Hudson Riverfront Communities

The Case for Sustainable Landscapes. American Society of Landscape Architects, The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin, and the United States Botanic Garden. Sustainable Sites Initiative, 2009. Downloadable PDF

The Sustainable Sites Initiative: Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009. Sustainable Sites Initiative, 2009.

Food and Agriculture

Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers Association

Edible Hudson Valley - Farmers Market Guide

Glynwood - State of Agriculture in the Hudson Valley & many other resources

Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation

Hudson Valley Food Hubs Initiative

Hudson Valley Food Network

Hudson Valley Seed Library

NYSERDA’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Program

Ulster County Beekeepers Association

Economics for Local and Regional Revitalization

Creating Rural Wealth community of practice

Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation (2012), “The Ascent of America’s High-Growth Companies”

Institute for Local Self-Reliance - New Rules Project (policies favoring localization)

Korten, David et al (2011), How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule. New Economy Working Group. Download

Peak Prosperity: Insights for Prospering as Our World Changes

Project for Public Spaces (2008), “How Your Community Can Thrive, Even In Tough Times”

Schor, Juliet (2011), About Time: Examining the Case for a Shorter Working Week (video presentation at London School of Economics)

Schramm, Karl J. (2010), Expeditionary Economics: Spurring Growth After Conflicts and Disasters. Foreign Affairs, pp. 89 - 99.

Shuman, Michael and Kate Poole (2012), Growing Local Living Economies: A Grassroots Approach to Local Economic Development.

Assessment and Decision Tools

Biodiversity Resource Center at Hudsonia - Habitat Mapping Project

Chemicals Criteria Catalogue - Evaluating Risks of Investing in the Chemical Industry (2012)

Climate Counts consumer product data

Department of Energy local energy planning tools

Green Infrastructure Valuation Guide (Center for Neighborhood Technologies)

Green Playbook - a neighborhood design resource hub from US Green Building Council

Green Values Stormwater Management Calculator (Center for Neighborhood Technologies)

How Green Is My Town?

HUD - EPA - DOT Partnership for Sustainable Communities Tools and Key Resources

INVEST - integrated system for valuing economic, environmental and social capital

National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street Solution Center

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment

NYC Panel on Climate Change: Climate Risk Information

Interactive History of Climate Science - Skeptical Science

Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities (NOAA)

Indicator Systems

Climate Counts! Business Scorecard

Energy-Efficiency Rankings by State for 2012 from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Kaufman Foundation New Economy Index

Regional Well-Being Index for the Hudson Valley

S-CORE system from AXIS Performance Advisors

Social Capital Community Benchmark Surveys and Analysis

Sustainable Jersey certification and assistance program driven by performance metrics

Sustainable Measures consultancy

Climate Change Response, Preparedness and Planning

American Red Cross, “Preparedness Fast Facts” downloadable at, all available in English and most in Spanish

Clean Air, Cool Planet (2012), “Strategies to Accelerate Climate and Energy Action at the Local Level: Lessons Learned from Ten Community-Based Initiatives in the Northeast”

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Hurricane Sandy recovery information

Cornell University, public information handouts on three key climate related dangers:
Severe Storms

Dutch Research Institute for Transitions - European strategy hub

EPA Climate Ready Estuaries: Synthesis of Adaptation Options for Coastal Areas

Nature Conservancy et al (2008), “Rising Waters: Helping Hudson Valley Communities Prepare for Climate Change” Executive Summary

Northeast Recycling Coalition, “After the Disaster: Managing the Debris”

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “Ready Wisconsin” Drought Preparedness

Communication, Organization and Leadership

America Speaks!

Climate, Mind and Behavior - Garrison Institute

Co-Intelligence Institute

Empowerment Institute

Erhard-Martinez, Karen and Laitner, John A. “Skip,” People-Centered Initiatives for Increasing Energy Savings. E-Book from American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior

Grimm, Kristin et al (2006), Discovering the Activation Point: Smart Strategies to Make People Act, Spitfire Strategies (Washington, DC) and the Communications Leadership Institute (Oakland, CA).

ICLEIUSA, “Leadership on Climate Change” video.

Innovations in Democracy

Leiserowitz, A.; Maibach, E.; Roser-Renouf, C.; & Hmielowski, J, (2012), “Global Warming’s Six Americas: November 2011 and March 2012,” Yale University and George Mason University. New Haven, CT: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

Public Sector Consortium

Senge, Peter, (2008) The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World. NY: Doubleday.

Shome, Debika and Sabine Marx, (2009) The Psychology of Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public, NY: Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University.

Society for Organizational Learning

Wagner, Gernot, and Richard J. Zeckhauser (2011), “Climate Policy: Hard Problem, Soft Thinking,” Report, Environmental Defense Fund and Columbia University.

Regional or Multi-jurisdictional Plans

Hudson River Valley Greenway Compact