Welcome to the Hudson Valley Resource Center for Sustainable Communities

Hudson Valley Resource Center - HomeClimate and energy. Housing. Storms and floods. Transportation. School budgets. Jobs.

Innovation and adaptiveness are needed everywhere.

Governments are stretched as never before, financially, and so are public officials as they attempt to satisfy complex and costly community needs. The path forward has to be built on collaboration, resource-sharing, and locally-adaptive solutions. Whether the issue is watershed management or housing policy, community players need a fundamentally new way of accessing the knowledge and know-how for solutions at a bio-regional scale, and building consensus for nimble, cost-effective action.



“Before we run out of any particular resource, we are likely to run out of the ability to cope.” - Donella Meadows et al, Beyond the Limits, 1993

The Hudson Valley Resource Center for Sustainable Communities is a support system for professionals and citizens alike, supporting sustainable solutions with good ideas and practical tools.

"Without healthy social settings, we cannot share experience and understanding about what is happening to our world, and we don’t have the opportunities to act as communities and address great problems." - Karl-Henrik Robert, Founder, The Natural Step