Speeding the Shift

Sustainable Hudson Valley is a little organization with a big mission: to speed up the shift to a low-carbon economy with high quality of life for all.

Realizing the Promise: Implementing the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan

For the first time, the Mid-Hudson region has a compass to guide its progress toward more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development. It’s the 7-county Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan.

Resilience and Renewal - Opening Remarks at Resilience and Renewal conference, May 20, 2013, Hyde Park, NY

A few years ago, I indulged in getting a PhD to study the attributes that make some communities good at innovation and adaptation while others flounder or stagnate, the forms of social capital that support productive change. There is abundant evidence that social relations matter. Comparing divisions in a major pharmaceutical company, researchers found that the most innovations came from the ones with the richest networks.

Welcome to the Rightsizing Streets Guide

Many of our streets haven’t changed in decades, even when they’ve proven dangerous, or the surrounding communities’ needs have changed. When the roads have been altered, they have often been made wider, straighter, and faster, rather than more livable.

Resilience and the Steady-State Economy: Japan’s Sustainability Lessons from the 2011 Disasters and a Declining Population

According to data on ecological footprints, human activity today is consuming the equivalent of 1.5 planet Earths. But we only have one Earth. Our generation is eating into the assets handed to us from past generations and already borrowing from future generations. We continue to consume more than what just one Earth can provide.

Lost Savings from Obama’s Delay on New Energy-Saving Standards Is $3.7 Billion and Counting

In his Inaugural Speech last week, President Obama described action to limit climate change as both a moral imperative and smart economic policy. Calling for American leadership, he said, “We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries—we must claim its promise.”
Unfortunately, of late, the administration has failed to lead in one area that is firmly in the President’s hands: saving energy and cutting pollution through improved appliance and equipment energy-efficiency standards.

Saving Our Shores: The First Step

Bay Area ModelThe Bay Model Visitor Center in San Francisco is a 2-acre scale model that is visited annually by 150,000 students, tourists and experts from around the world.

Report from OECD: What Winning Looks Like

Here’s a letter I sent out to my friends in the Balaton Group from New Delhi, India, where I was recently attending an OECD World Forum and moderating a panel on sustainability. I never thought attending a meeting on national statistics could make me so happy. Alan

Dear friends, I am reporting to you now from the floor of the OECD World Forum on “Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making.” Around me is a collection of chief national statisticians, senior economists, OECD officials, and assorted political and civil society actors from around the world.

Sandy and Sandy Hook: Connecting the Response

As 2012 ends, the nation is reeling from two moments of unfathomable violence, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, and Hurricane Sandy’s assault.

In late October, as the storm filled the New York City subway system with rainwater and swept away entire neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey, a majority in the nation (more than 70%) again showed understanding and alarm about climate change as the systemic cause, and took it seriously as a real and deadly threat.

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